Why Good Writing Matters

Excellent writing will set you apart throughout your life. Proper grammar and a rich vocabulary will serve you well in any endeavor.

I am  here to help you succeed in school, college or work.  I am the tutor you need to improve your current writing skills and to learn how to be your own best editor. These skills apply to anything you might need to write in the future.

My writing background is extensive.  During my State Department Foreign Service career, I wrote every kind of document imaginable, from briefing papers, talking points and speeches to reports sent to Washington from foreign assignments.  I was also an instructor at the Foreign Service Institute.  In that job, I developed and taught writing and editing courses to Foreign and Civil Service Officers from many Federal agencies.

In my second career, I founded my company Patient Navigator LLC for which I have written newsletters, a blog, and marketing materials.  I’ve given many speeches, presentations and media interviews.  One thing is sure:  clear thinking leads to good writing and analysis.

Whatever your need may be, I can help you improve.  I’ve developed a methodology to guide aspiring college students with their application essays. We can also work on SAT, ACT or GRE preparation. My goal is to teach you techniques for lifelong better writing.  Give it a try.   You will surprise yourself!